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Hotel Indigo, Latham, NY From the Daily Gazette, Sunday October 11, 2009: �And then we walked in. Past the beaded curtain at the end of the orange hallway silkscreened with oversized autumn leaves is a smart reception area. There�s a small dining room with whote linen tablecloths to the left, with the most astonishing sky blue walls. The curvy cobalt bar top has little sparkles in it, and as the sun set and the indigo lights came on behind the bottles, the pendent lights drew our eyes up to the sinuous glowing blue track above the bar. It is so cool. This place is outrageously stylish. Our dining room had sandy-colored wainscoting and blue walls, relaxing as the vista of a beach. You must see this place�..The atmosphere is lively and the décor alone is worth a vist.�---Caroline Lee

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